Road Warriors (2013)

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Synopsis: Mad Maxine (Emma Butt) is being chased in her supercar by a gang of punks through the wastelands of Post-Apocalyptic Earth. The high speed chase ends in crashes and explosions and after dispatching them all one by one she’s willing to give a survivor (Danny D) a lesson he’ll never forget. Wild and wicked Big Mamma (Kerry Louise) hunts down studly guys to sell… and to get the best quality she first has to sample the merchandise! Cobra gets into a bitch fight with raunchy Razorback* but fighting soon turns to lesbo loving. Sex slave Dodge is being d by a gang of fuel worshiping thugs* he’s at death’s door but his Mistress* Viper arrives in time to save his skin and shoot it out with the entire gang. Warrior woman Nitro (Shay Hendrix) and her slave try to evade Bulldozer’s motorcycle gang who want the fuel cans on the back of their truck! As the villians climb on board* she gets out and fights them off as the truck speeds along!

Title..........: Road Warriors (2013)
Release date...: May 05 2020
Language.......: English
Studio.........: Television X
Split Scene....: No
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Resolution.....: 360p || 480p || 720p
File Size......: 486mb || 665mb || 1.1gb
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