How I Became A Sexual Slave (2015)

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Synopsis: With their irresistible charms, India and her ‘sisters’ manage to seduce and influence the most powerful men on the planet. But for their secret society to endure over time, they need to recruit and train new young women who are both beautiful and obedient. India has had her eye on Scarlet for many years. This beautiful and experienced woman who leads the fraternity sees great potential in this pretty blonde with a perfect body and intends to make good use of it. Perverse initiations, lesbian orgies, exhibitionism, etc. Scarlet’s first steps into the fraternity will be particularly eventful.

Title..........: How I Became A Sexual Slave (2015) 
Release date...: August 05 2015
Language.......: English
Container......: mp4
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Audio codec....: AAC, 128 Kbps
Resolution.....: 480p
File Size......: 364mb
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Genre: BDSM, Fantasy
Duration: 115 Min

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