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Hollywood Dreams (2020)

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Avi Love and her husband, Jessy Jones, cruise an app for kinky one-night-stands. They’re surprised when they see what looks like a Hollywood actor with a pseudonym. Could it really be THE Brad Newman, romantic drama actor and director? Avi wins Brad over with her model-esque good looks and the two meet up.
Avi gives Brad an amazing blow job and asks if it’s alright if she films it for her husband. Brad thinks the idea is kinky and doesn’t mind so long as his face isn’t in the video. Avi, of course, films Brad’s face without his knowing. Newman cums inside of Love’s mouth and the two visit her home where her husband is waiting. The kinky couple convince Brad to join a menage trois. Avi is in ecstasy as she pleases two cocks at the same time, and one belonging to her favorite movie star.
The following morning Avi is at Brad’s home. He finds it odd that she would show up unannounced at his unlisted home. She wants to break into his industry and be a Hollywood actress! When Brad begins to disappoint her, she hints at the video she made, and how awful would it be if it were leaked. She winks at him, and he realizes how he has been bested by this gorgeous, albeit, manipulative woman.

Title...........: Hollywood Dreams (2020)
Studio..........: MissaX
File Format.....: mp4
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Audio codec.....: AAC, 128 Kbps
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Genre: Drama
Duration: 44 Min
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