Angel of Death 2 (2007)

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Angel of Death 2 (2007): Group of villains kidnapped girls for prostitution and forwards them to the island prison, where every day sexually humiliate and torture them in many ways, and sometimes kill them. Commands on the island an old lesbian Mrs. Steele. After another naive woman, vote on the road to complete her collection of arrested girls in prison started this mess. First, the two girls ran away, and then landed on the island trio that wants to destroy the whole shebang and release the captives. They have their own, working with security, who tries not to arouse suspicion from criminals (it turns out he has to put it mildly, not very). And the island is full of deadly fauna (spider-killer) and traps scattered everywhere.

Title..........: Angel of Death 2 (2007)
Native Title...: Der Todesengel 2
Other Titles...: Prison Island Massacre
Release date...: January 15,2007
Language.......: German
Container......: mp4
Screenshot.....: View
Audio codec....: AAC, 128 Kbps
Resolution.....: 480p
File Size......: 525mb

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