All About Hope (2020)

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Synopsis: Hope, Chris and Liam are a regular, loving family supporting each other through all the ups and downs in life. While father Chris is struggling with his self-image as an ageing actor, son Liam is head over heels in love with his new boyfriend Daniel. He invites him to spend the summer with him and his family at their home in New Hampshire. What could have been the perfect opportunity for creating lasting memories and building family bonds, soon turns into a rollercoaster of emotions for the young couple when Daniel finds himself questioning his sexuality. When one night a discussion between Liam and Daniel escalates, Liam decides to spend the night at a friend’s house to give his lover some space and time to think. Frustrated and confused, Daniel turns to Liam’s mother Hope for advice. Even though Hope loves her husband with all her heart, she has to admit to herself that she has developed an unexpected attraction for her son’s boyfriend that is clearly mutual. Is the crisis that’s unfolding inevitable, or can they find a way to maintain the family’s integrity?

Title..........: All About Hope (2020)
Release date...: January 26 2021
Language.......: English
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Genre: Romance
Duration: 97 Min
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